The English Department, founded in 1961, is the first department at Petra Christian University (PCU). According to the Decree of the Indonesian Minister of Education No: 089/O/1982, the Department was acknowledged as having an equal status (‘disamakan’) to the state universities. In 2005, it managed to acquire ‘A’ level of the accreditation status (Decree of the Board of National Accreditation of the Ministry of Education No: 07465/Ak-IX-S1-014/UKLSGN/VIII/2005 dated August 04, 2005), and it successfully maintained the same status of 'A' in 2010 (Decree of the Board of National Accreditation of the Ministry of Education No: 028/BAN-PT/Ak-XIII/XI/2010).

The English Department offers a three-and-a-half-year bachelor-degree program. Its main mission is to foster graduates capable of using their language, literary, and cultural skills and knowledge to produce innovative language practices and products. The Department achieves this by enabling the students to acquire scholarship and excellence in the humanities, professional English, and English proficiency. There are two programs, English for Business (E-Biz) and English for Creative Industry (E-Crav).  There are two concentrations in E-Biz, namely English for Business Communication and English Education Business. All courses are delivered in English and were designed to develop the students' oral and written proficiency as well as to enhance their cultural sensitivity and expand their worldview.

To enhance learning, the English Department provides resourceful facilities such as Business Communication Center, Petra Little Theater, Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Production, and Student Lounge. Cooperation with overseas institutions is also established to provide the students with the opportunities to get international experience. Some of the institutions are Asia link, Australia Indonesia Institute (AII), American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF), Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA), Australian Education Centre (AEC), Bangkok University of International College (BUIC) and Dongseo University, South Korea.

Upon completion of the program, the newly qualified Sarjana Sastra (equivalent to the Bachelors of English) will be prepared to make an effective contribution to the community in the international context.