Why the English Department ?
Academic Excellence
The English Department (ED) of Petra Christian University has a long tradition of excellence. Founded in 1961, the ED was the first department at Petra Christian University (PCU). In every period of accreditation system in the country, the ED always puts itself in the highest level possible.  With about 25 overseas graduate academic staff, the ED has had more than 2.000 graduates penetrating every sector of profession as well as business in the country and worldwide. Besides, most of our graduates have been accepted, many by scholarships, in reputable overseas universities. Cooperation with overseas institutions has long been established to expose students to international experiences. Some of the institutions are Asia Link, Australia Indonesia Institute (AII), American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF), Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA), British Council, and Australian Education Centre (AEC).
Professional Orientation
Aside from language and academic skills, our Department also prepares students with professional skills for their future career through Professional Packages, namely Business English, Translation, Theater & Film, and dan English Language Teaching. Our graduates are provenly competitive in getting a job and making a professional achievement in the following fields:
-          International Trading/Banking
-          Advertising Industry
-          Hospitality Industry
-          Interpreting/Translating
-          Mass Media and Culture
-          Publishing Industry
-          Education/English Language Teaching
Enjoyable Learning Environment
The long tradition of excellence does not make the ED a tedious department. Fun is a major element in our department. The fun element is strongly maintained in the teaching-learning processes, facilities, and student activities. Our teachers apply diverse teaching techniques involving discussions, performances, games, etc. Most of the learning facilities are self-access. Independent Learning Center (ILC) caters for students' needs to study English based on their levels of proficiency. Cultural Center provides students with resources about American, British, and Australian cultures. Petra Little Theater (PLT) gives students opportunities to practice their English in plays as actors, directors, designers, etc. The Department, with close support from the English Department Student Association, offers a variety of interesting programs throughout the year e.g. American/British/Australian Cultural & Literary Nite (bands, plays, dances, etc), Student Camp, English Debating Community, English Club, etc.


Based on caring awareness and global perspective, and Christian values, English Department PCU is the center of excellence in Applied Humanities (English Language-Literature-Culture) in Indonesia
To promote and empower the society as the embodiment of Christian values through:
1. Awareness in both internal and external realm, with the implementation of Language and Literature.
2. Global insight in the form of international-quality rpocess of teaching and learning, from the point of view of education system and process, scientific activity and publication, and service learning.
3. Information technology as the base of the university's operational infrastructure, which is also the communication and information system of English department.
4. Quality and excellence enchament in expertise, research, and facility in English Department.
5. Effectivity and efficiency enhancement in the creation and implementation of the program, which refer to the operational needs in English Department