English Cravin' – English for Creative Industry program
Profoundly Creative
Fancy yourself a career in the entertainment business: script-writing, acting, and directing? Or a job in the media and publishing company: fiction-writing, copy-writing, and advertising?

Well, if you are imaginative, creative, witty, expressive, and artistic, you’ve got what it takes to win those fabulous and exciting careers.

What you need is a pathway, and English Cravin' can take you there.
Supported by friendly and experienced lecturers in Film and Theatre, Media Studies, Cultural Sciences, Digital Media Communication, Poetry, Prose, Science Fiction, Popular Literature, and Creative Writing, together with excellent facilities, English Cravin' guarantees a wonderful study experience for you.
What are you going to learn in English Cravin'? Feel free to download the curriculum chart and English Cravin' core and elective courses description.
Join our cutting-edge program and experience the bliss of inspiration!
See you all in English Cravin'!


EBC – English for Business Communication
Professionally Communicative
If the future you’ve been dreaming of is flying overseas doing presentations or securing business deals or simply charming people out with your interpersonal communication skills (not to mention your excellent English). EBC is just what you have to do.
Our package will help you exercise your spoken and written English, improve your interpersonal skills, and give you the right tools to close the next deal!
Supported great lecturers in Oral Business Presentation and Sociolinguistics in Business Communication, Business Negotiation, Rhetoric in Business Communication and Business Reports & Proposals, Business Writing, EBC is ready to give you the best English bussiness communication study.

EEB – English Education Business
Inspiringly Educative
What excites you the most? Managing schools, designing courses, inspiring children, and sharing your knowledge with others? With EEB you can do it all.
You will be trained to be more systematic andcommunicative while nurturing your leadership potential and English proficiency at the same time.
This package will lead you to roam through the noble and rewarding business of education and leave you all set to tackle even its most intricate challenge.
Supported by friendly and experienced lecturers in World Englishes, Strategic Marketing in Education Business, English for Young Learners, Language Teaching & Learning, and Supervision and Leadership in Education, EEB makes sure you get all the things you need to open your own language business.

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