LOOW 6: The Fortitude

Language in the Online and Offline World (LOOW) merupakan konferensi duatahuan yang diselenggarakan oleh Program Studi Sastra Inggris, UK Petra, untuk menjawab kebutuhan para peneliti akademia, pendidik, serta cendekia untuk membagikan hasil penelitian, pengalaman, serta pemahaman mereka yang meliputi penggunaan bahasa verbal serta visual di dalam hubungan antarorang, masyarakat, serta budaya.

LOOW 6 mengusung tema: The Fortitude.
Tujuan konferensi kali ini adalah menantang publik agar memiliki kekuatan mental serta emosional dalam menghadapi risiko serta permasalahan bahasa-bahasa online dan offline baik verbal maupun visual yang digunakan dalam bidang pendidikan, komunikasi bisnis, media, serta kajian budaya.

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Pertunjukan teater: Overhead Projectplay

Mahasiswa kelas Theatrical Design bersama dengan Petra Little Theatre menampilkan pertunjukan wayang atas 4 cerita rakyat Indonesia dengan menggunakan OHP (overhead projector).

Penonton bisa menyaksikan cerita rakyat Indonesia disuguhkan dengan cara yang unik dan menarik. 

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Pesta Penyambutan

Halo, mahasiswa baru Sastra Inggris dan E-Crav angkatan 2017!

Kami mengadakan pesta untuk kalian supaya kita bisa saling mengenal dan kalian bisa cepat akrab dengan program studi kalian ini. Jadi, catat tanggalnya, siapkan baju warna-warni kesukaan kalian, dan sampai ketemu di gedung B kita tercinta!

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Saresehan Mahasiswa Baru

Prodi Sastra Inggris menyambut para mahasiswa baru angkatan 2017 bersama para orangtua mereka di acara perkenalan dan orientasi singkat tentang kegiatan akademik dan kemahasiswaan. Para mahasiswa dan orangtua mereka juga bisa berkenalan dengan para mahasiswa senior serta para dosen kami.

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Lomba Menulis Cerita Fiksi ECI


  1. Contest is open to high school and university students in East Java.

  2. Submit a short story with the theme: We, Indonesians that addresses the topic of Identity. Some prompts to help applicants create their short stories are:

    • What makes us Indonesians?

    • How do we present ourselves as Indonesians in this global world?

    • How do we nurture our "Indonesianness"?

  3. Along with the fiction piece, each applicant must submit:

    • A letter of recommendation from school/university affiliation stating applicant's English proficiency level. Click here for downloading the Recommendation Letter format.

    • A Statement of Purpose for entering the contest (maximum 200 words) that also states the author's williningness to join the writing workshop if submission is chosen as one of the 20 Best entries (see information below).

    • A copy of the applicant's student ID card.

    • A transfer receipt of the entry fee payment.

  4. Email a scanned copy of the documents and a MS word file of the short story manuscript to

  5. The 20 Best entries will be announced on August 1, 2016. Then, on August 18, 2016, those writers will join a one-day fiction writing workshop with Lian Gouw, a published writer and the owner of California-based Dalang Publishing: Winners will be announced at the end of the workshop.




Winner                          IDR 4,000,000 and will be considered for publication on Dalang's site

1st Runner-up              IDR 2,500,000

2nd Runner-up             IDR 1,500,000

2 Honorable Mentions  IDR 500,000 each

All workshop participants will receive a certificate.



  1. Submissions must be received by June 30, 2016 at 11.59 p.m. OR before 100 entries have been received, whichever occurs first. The committee will announce when the number of entries has reached the limit.

  2. Entry fee is IDR 125,000. Payment can be made through bank transfer to CIMB Niaga 703318407000 acc. holder: Priska Febrinia Handojo.

1. Paper and format:
Letter size – 1” margin all around – 0.5 paragraph indent – double spaced – Times New Roman 12 pt. font– header: title /author’s name /word count – footer: page number in RIGHT bottom corner.
2. Word count: Maximum 2,500 words.
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Language in the Online & Offline World (LOOW) 5


 Dear Colleagues,

As English plays an important role in the professional world, the English Department of Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia wishes to bring together teachers & lecturers of English, researchers and practitioners in education, media, business communication, and creative industry to discuss and share their expertise and experiences in Language in the Online & Offline World 5: The Amplitude on April 19-20, 2016. We hope that this conference can provide a platform for exchanging invaluable ideas in the above-mentioned respective fields.

We welcome contributions covering the following topics:

• Business communication and education business practices
• Material development in business communication and education practices
• Business translation and interpretation
• Media, values, culture, and language creativity
• Character building through media and language education
• Digital education, community and culture
• Discourses in classroom/media/the work place

The oral presentation will be of 20 minutes duration followed by a 10 minute discussion.

Please join us and be a part of this exciting event.


Official Website :

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