Independent Learning Center (ILC)

In today's rapidly-developing electronic and communication technology, learning a foreign language cannot be restricted into a classroom anymore. A self-access center which provides vast opportunities for the students to explore materials and improve their foreign language skills is a must. The ILC

Australian Studies Center (ASC)

The Australian Studies Center provides references and complete information about Australia. The collection ranges from books to post stamps. It was established in 2002 with the support from the Australia-Indonesia Institute. The Australian Studies Center is undergoing a transformation to become the

Petra Little Theatre (PLT)

PLT was established officially in the year 2002. It was born after the long process of consideration and preparation. The consideration was based on the fact that, as an English Department, there is a need of bridging drama courses into practice. Furthermore, there was hardly any English theatre in

Language Laboratory

The Language Laboratory is where the English Department's students practice their language skills, especially Listening, in a semi-controlled environment. It has a complete collection of cassettes, CDs, VCDs, and DVDs to support the learning process; and it is equipped with the standard audiovisual