Language in the Online & Offline World 6: The Fortitude
May 8-9, 2018

Dear Colleagues, 

Language in the Online and Offline World (LOOW), a signature biennial conference conducted by the English Department of Petra Christian University, is to cater the needs of prominent academic researchers, expert educators, and scholars to share their research, experiences, and invaluable insights which involve the use of verbal and visual languages in reciprocal relation with individuals, society, and culture.  

Being held successively, this coming LOOW 6 conference selects the theme: The Fortitude. The objective of the conference is challenging people to have mental and emotional strength in confronting the hazards and struggles of the online and offline languages (verbal and/or visual) used in education, business communication, media, and cultural studies.

LOOW 6 conference investigates the various interrelated issues on language, media, and cultural studies which are as follows:


1)   Language issues on

a)   teaching and curriculum,

b)   business communication, and

c)    applied linguistics


2)   Media and cultural studies issues on: 

a)  printed, audio, and visual media, 

b)   new media (i.e. digital media), 

c)    literature, 

d)   drama and theater, 

e)   film, 

f)    social phenomena (e.g. punk culture, biker communities, etc) 

LOOW 6 conference focuses specially on the following possible topics which cover, but are not limited to:


1)   Language: 

a)   Facing hoaxes and hate speech in media, 

b)   Language strength in dealing with social conflicts, 

c)    Implementing online media for teaching, 

d)   Classroom discourse, 

e)   Discourse in business communication, 

f)    Advances in interpretation


2)   Media and Cultural Studies: 

a)   Politics, power, and ideology in film, 

b)   Language use and ideological struggle, 

c)    Ideology in translation and publication, 

d)   Language, culture, and identity


3)   and other topics related to the theme


The oral presentation will be of 20 minutes duration followed by a 10 minute discussion. All submitted papers will be published as conference proceddings with ISBN number.

Please join us and be a part of this exciting event.


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