Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the LOOW 6 Conference

Petra Christian University, Surabaya 60236, Indonesia

May 8-9, 2018

1. Dr. Nani Indrajani Tjitrakusuma, M.Pd.  Chairperson
2. Dr. Julia Eka Rini, M.Pd.  Secretary
3. Henny Putri Saking Wijaya, S.S., MA-ELT Secretary
4. Dwi Setiawan, M.A., Ph.D. Secretary
5. Liem Satya Limanta, S.S., M.A. Treasurer
6. Dr. Liliek Soelistyo, M.A Papers & Sessions
7. Flora Debora Floris, S.Pd., MA-ELT Documentation & Publicity
8. Priska Febrinia, S.S., MDCC Documentation & Publicity
9. Stefanny Irawan, S.S.,M.A.  Local Arrangement
9. Herwindy Maria Tedjaatmadja, S.S., MA-ELT Food & Beverage










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