Dra. Josefa Juniarti Mardijono, M.Pd.
Dosen / 76-012
telepon kantor
+6231 2983064


  • S1 - (Dra.) IKIP Malang (at present Malang State University), (1976)
  • S2 - (M.Pd.) Widya Mandala Catholic University (2011)


Born in Pontianak in 1946, Josefa Juniarti pursued her study in the undergraduate program of the English Department of Widya Mandala Catholic University. Then, she finished her “Sarjana” program in the English Teacher Training Program (ELTTP) from IKIP Malang in 1975. Since 1976 she has been working in the English Department of the Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian University. She held the position as the Secretary of the Faculty for five years before she was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty from 1987 until 1991. She got a grant for International Visitor Program in the US in 1990, and participated in a short course in Discourse Analysis held by the UNSW Summer Institute, Sydney, Australia in 2009. She earned her degree of Magister in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the graduate program of English Education in Widya Mandala Catholic University in 2011. 

konsentrasi penelitian

1.    Research Area 1: English Language Teaching
Focusing on best practices
2.    Research Area 2: Applied Linguistics
Particularly related to Classroom Discourse and Material Design
3.    Research Area 3: Service Learning
Action Research: Service Learning implemented in EFL and Content Classes